Defining the problem

BY: Praneel SP Gender equality in the workplace is of utmost importance when it comes to the current world. It is not just about equal pay or preventing unfair advantages amongst the genders. It is surprising that there is a necessity to fight for basic rights, and we must understand that working towards gender equalityContinue reading “Defining the problem”

The importance of financial literacy in facilitating gender mobility

BY: Shruti Pennamurti The Business students of Christ IBDP recently got the opportunity to speak to Diya Naidu. Diya is a girl our age who founded ‘Akalka’, a non-profit organization created to empower women through financial literacy.  The question I got to ask her regarded the connection between financial literacy and gender equality. Diya’s answerContinue reading “The importance of financial literacy in facilitating gender mobility”

Beyond the Academics, Into the Wilderness: Christ University

By: Sitikshu Badhani Christ is known, not only for its studies but for the many qualities that the students learn along with their studies through various clubs and extracurriculars. So what do you hope that all Christ students will take away as an adult, and practice in their everyday life? Christ encourages to form asContinue reading “Beyond the Academics, Into the Wilderness: Christ University”

Integrating lifelong learning process: Christ University

By: Praneel SP Core values for holistic development: Lifelong learning:  Moral uprightness Empathy  Social responsibility  Minimalism   Pursuit of excellence Ethical consumption  Faith in God and Love your fellow beings Global mindedness   Christ Universities core values and concepts Schooling plays the biggest role in the growth of the world population, and quality education starts here. OurContinue reading “Integrating lifelong learning process: Christ University”


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